A downloadable game for Windows

each turn you get to play two card in your hand by dragging them to empty slots and that let you imply their affect on selected pieces, then you can press end turn and watch the idiotic ai do it's job. also you can turn the camera with "a" and "d" buttons.

there's only a build for windows, I'll try not to be lazy for the linux port but mac port seems impossible due to my account balance.

there's this known bug which is; if while you're trying to click on a card affect button over a piece but also your mouse colliding with another piece, it'll mess up with the indicaters, try to turn the camera in order to avoid that.


Foreclosed win32 build 1 MB


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nice looking game! i didn't exactly learn how to play it properly, but i like the piece designs, and the combo of chess and cards is a cool idea.