A downloadable game for Windows

rc missions inspired from vr missions and the talos principle is an action/puzzle game that you shoot balls into holes in order to find a way out from this cold world.

w,a,s,d to move

mouse to aim

q,e to rotate the camera

lmb to shoot

rmb to zoom in/out

left thumbstick  to move

right thumbstick  to aim

l2,r2 to rotate the camera

r1 to shoot

l1 to zoom in/out


rcmissions.zip 41 MB


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Really liked it! The level design was solid, and you executed the actual idea really well. I got stuck on the puzzle in the 4th screenshot, but still had fun. Only major bug was the audio cut out after a little bit, not sure what caused that. Still, good job!

thx for the feedback! I'll look into that audio issue asap, a hint for that puzzle would be zooming out and not taking the bait. see you on next one!